Interview with Dušan Borković

DusanThe WTCC is about to begin and it is important to know the drivers and  their opinions. We were privileged to see our questions answered by the serbian driver Dušan Borković, which this year will race for Proteam in a Honda Civic.

Dušan Borković started early in competitions. With 10 years, he began in karts and became serbian champion from 1995 to 2000. Then he went to the “small N” competition, moving in 2003 to serbia´s top class (” National Class- Hybrid “). From 2004 to 2008, he obtained the highest number of wins in the competition’s history. In 2010, the driver began making Hill Climb races, and became serbian champion that year. Then he competed in the European Hill Climb Championship in 2011, achieving the second place in this year and winning the competition in 2012.

In 2013, Dušan had the opportunity to race in the ETCC , where he managed five podiums and a victory , finishing the championship in 3th (initially with a SEAT Leon TSFI and then moving to a Chevrolet Cruze LT) .

In 2014, Borković gave the intended jump to the WTCC , driving for Campos Racing, finishing 14th overall, with a podium in Japan. The first season goals where to learn and understand the competiton and the tracks. Borkovic has already a very sucessful career but has warned that wants more in 2015 .


Here are the answers to our questions:


KARTING (3)You started very early competing in motosport. Where does this passion for sport come from?

My dad drove moto and truck races, and was a champion of ex Yugoslavia. My parents tell me that ever since I was a baby they couldn’t put me to sleep unless they take me for a ride in the car. When I was one year old kid, my dad recorded that I said “I want to be a champion”. I guess I didn’t know of what sport exactly but as it showed later I am very competitive and I put my desire to win into motorsport. When I was 8 years old, I was watching truck races after which karting race was held. For the next full year I begged my dad to buy me karting and to race. After some time convincing he got me 2 pro kartings and I started to compete in than Yugoslavia from 1994.


You had a well succeed start in ETCC, after a very successful career in karting, hill climbing and in the Serbian championship. Why did you change to touring car?

ETCC BrnoIt was always my goal to compete in touring cars, especially on the world level. I just didn’t have a chance before 2013. Because of my good results, I received big support from my country, sponsors and my team and I finally decided to make that switch to circuit races on the European level. ETCC, just like WTCC, has good media coverage and for sponsors that is the most important thing. My fans loved it too.


How can you describe your first season in WTCC?

Very turbulent 🙂 I started off great. First time in a WTCC race to be in Q3, top 5 drivers of the world, was only a dream to me. I made that great result, but than some issues with the car and other technicalities started. My goal for 2014 was to learn the tracks , system and to get to know how teams function…to get used to it all. I felt that I was fast but there were a lot of problems and 2 big disqualifications that affected me very much. I managed to shake it all of and show what I am capable of in Suzuka, Japan by coming in second in the second race and all the hard work paid out. Overall it was a unique experience and I am hoping not to repeat any mistakes and just take what I learned from it in order to have some great results this season.


HungaroringAre the cars harder to drive? Did you have any difficulties to adjust to the new cars?

For me as I mentioned everything was new. In general I adjust to race cars very quickly. Every car is interesting in its on way. I was and am very happy to be driving world touring car, so all the difficulties came as excitement that I cherished and made a point to learn the most that I can about it. Bigger issue is that the championship as a whole is very tough, everybody is fast and you need to really get to know the car in order to get the most out of it.


How is the mood inside the WTCC paddock? Are there a lot of rivalry/ competition between pilots?

Of course there is rivalry, but also it is nice that we are like one big family that spends a lot of time together and shares the same goal. To win and promote ourselves, our sponsors and WTCC around the world.


WTCC SuzukaAbout last year, which was the highest point of the season? And the lowest?

Highest point is definitely getting to the podium in Suzuka, Japan.

Lowest are 2 disqualifications, and especially in Hungary where I had 10th position in Q2 and pole position for R2. Stuarts found that my flat floor was lower than the rules allow and I started both races from the last position.  It was a low blow and it affected me a lot for the rest of the season.


You have changed to a Honda for this year. Does it give you more chances of getting your objectives?

I hope so  For now after a shakedown and half of day spent in testing it , feeling in the Honda is great. I still have a small problem to have good seating position since I am 207cm tall, but Proteam and JAS motorsport are working very hard with FIA to solve that problem.


WTCC SlovakiaLast year Michelisz was the best non-Citroën , better than the official cars of Honda. Do you believe you can do the same?

My goals are very high and everything is possible.


Is the Honda Civic WTCC stronger than the Chevrolet and can it compete with C-Elysée?

All the teams worked hard throughout the winter to catch Citroen. We will see in Argentina who did a better job at it. I believe in Honda’s effort.


You are going to Nordschleife for the first time, a mythical and difficult circuit. What is your opinion about the track? Do you think it will be the highest moment of 2015?

Every racing weekend is different and has its unique highlights that add to the value of WTCC. I think Nordschleife is going to be very difficult and definitely one of the kind ever in WTCC.


HIll CLimbWhat does the Vila Real circuit mean to you? How are you going to prepare yourself to drive in a racetrack where you have never driven before?

I love Portugal and have raced in Rampa da Falpera in FIA European Hill Climb Championship 2011 and 2012, I won there also with my Mitsubishi Evo 9.  Portugal has great fans, great energy and I cant wait for that race. As for the track I will approach it the same as I did the whole 2014 season where I didn’t know 90% of the tracks. Simulator and YouTube 🙂


When will we have a Serbian round in WTCC?

Great question. I hope some time soon. Serbian government is working hard to find investors for a proper track. It would be great to have a home race.


hiilclimbYou have already competed in Hill Climb, rally and touring cars. Which is your favourite?

Touring cars of course.


What is your favourite racetrack?

Suzuka and Spa Francorchamps, unfortunately both not on WTCC calendar this year.


Is there another category of motorsport that you would like to try?

I love WRC also, NASCAR. I would also like to drive Dakar by the end of my career.


WTCC FranceHave you got any idol or favourite driver?

Sebastien Loeb. I really thing he is the most complete driver in the world ever. I am honored to race with him in WTCC.


If you could buy any car in the World, which would you choose?

I am already driving the car of my dreams – Nissan GTR. I love sports cars and would like to have many of them in my lifetime.


At last, do you have any message for the Portuguese fans?

Obrigado por seu apoio e não posso esperar para vê-lo em Vila Real



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